1. Hi there

    Can you tell me what type of bleaching you do and the price$



    1. Author

      Hi Brenton,

      We use the Opalescence range of whitening. Please click: Teeth Whitening Options – Unfortunately this is quite an old post and we have since stopped the 20% off deal. Prices range from $200 – $800, depending on your level of bleaching. However it depends on time frames, state of your teeth etc as to which whitening product would work best. Generally speaking, the in-chair Opalescence BOOST is great for people on a limited time frame (i.e. wedding on the weekend), Opalescence PF is by far the most popular, similar results to the BOOST but take a bit more time and is approximately $550. Currently, we are offering a New Patient Special which includes a full exam, all xrays, full mouth clean, polish and fluoride (also includes whitening/Invisalign consultations). This would be the best way to run through things in more depth. Let us know if we can help, otherwise have a great day! – St Clair MDC Team.

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