Women’s Health

Women's Health & Wellbeing
We have caring GPs who are experienced in all aspects of women’s health issues, whether you require
specific health advice, care or treatment or are just looking for general advice we are here for you.

Including regular medical examinations, cervical screening, sexual health checks, lifestyle reviews and menopause.
advise and managment. Our doctors can also provide contraceptive advice and insert and remove Implanons.

  • CST-Pap Smear: In 2017 the Pap Smear Test was replaced by the Cervical Screening Test. This test is now offered to women aged between 25 to 74 once every 5 years instead of every 2 years.
  • Family Planning: We are here to provide you with advice and a range of family planning services.

  • Breast Care: If you are experiencing any changes or are unsure about the health of your breasts, our doctors can help you navigate through any of your concerns.

  • STI (Sexual Transmitted Infections) Checks: When it comes to caring for your sexual health, there’s nothing to shy away from. The more information you provide to your doctor, the better treatment you can receive.
  • Contraceptive Advice: If you’re looking for a contraceptive method, your doctor can work with you to decide which form of contraception is best for you.
  • Menopause: If you are menopausal, pre-menopausal or post/peri-menopausal, our doctors can work with you to treat or manage symptoms, and alleviate any concerns you may have.