Emergency/After Hours Care


Ambulance Bay on-site

Patients are reminded that if you don't have ambulance cover,
you will be liable for the cost of each Ambulance call out.


For Emergency Care call or go to:

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Emergency
Address: 28 Woodville Rd, Woodville South SA 5011
(08) 8222 6000

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency
Address: Port Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 7074 0000

The Women's and Children's Hospital
Address: 72 King William Rd, North Adelaide
SA 5006

Phone: (08) 8161 7000


For After Hours Care Call:

The National Home Doctor Service
13 sick (13 74 25)

Available From: Weekdays: 6.00pm onward
Saturdays: 12.00pm onward
Sunday and Public holidays: All day