Men’s Health & Wellbeing

Men's Health & Wellbeing
Our GPs who are experienced in all aspects of Men’s health issues, whether you require
specific health advice, care or treatment or are just looking for general advice we are here for you.

We encourage our male patients to book an appointment for a preventative health check up.
Depending on any presenting concerns at the time of consultation this can involve routine checks of Blood pressure,
Cholesterol, Sugar levels and Discussion about risk factors such as family history and lifestyle choices.

  • Prostate Check: Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting Australian men (after non-melanoma skin cancer). If you experiencing any symptoms, book an appointment to discuss your concerns.

  • Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Prompt diagnosis and treatment of bladder outlet obstruction is important to prevent serious problems caused by urine backing up into your system.

  • STI (Sexual Transmitted Infections) Checks: When it comes to caring for your sexual health, there’s nothing to shy away from. The more information you provide to your doctor, the better treatment you can receive.